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Looking for a premier LED undercar kit? Then the LightStrike 3
Million Color LED Undercar Kit is the only choice for you. This
state-of-the-art undercar kit offers three million colors and 18
different modes, all viewable from a real-time wireless remote
display. Using the advanced
remote control, the color and
pattern combinations can be
mixed giving you just the right
look for your vehicle.
Kit Features:
• Three million colors and
18 different modes
• Real-Time LED wireless
remote display
• Slim low profile LED tubes
• Dash mounted charging cradle for wireless remote
• Adjustable speed and brightness of any pattern
• Alarm system integration
• Courtesy light connection
Color Modes:
• 3 Million: All LED’s blend (3 Million color shades
are displayed)
• Rainbow: LED’s display multi-colors (Strike effect)
• Color Show: LED’s display chase (growing colors from
front of vehicle to back)
• 7 Single Color: All LED’s ON mode (solid show of lights)
Music Modes:
• RPM: LED’s react to sound, illuminating from front of
vehicle to back
• Beat: All tubes flash in unison to the beat of music
• Equalizer: Colors flash from side tubes to front and
rear tubes
Kit Includes:
• (2) 48” Slim low profile LED tubes - oval
• (2) 36” Slim low profile LED tubes - oval
• Wireless remote control with “real-time display”
• Dash mounted remote charging cradle
• 3 Million color LED controller
• All necessary mounting hardware & instructions
Technical Information
Part No.
Input Volts Current
Lumens IP Rating LED Type LEDs Qty
SGL3MC L.E.D. Lightstrike Undercar Kit - 3 Million Color
11-14V 2.6A
5050 SMD 360 kit
LED Undercar Lightstrike Kit - SGL3MC
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