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What is StreetGlow?

My Gold Series undercar kit is not working. What is the orange lead on the SG9500MI transformer?

What is the difference between Neon and L.E.D.? Which is brighter?

What is the difference between SG201* Gold Series neon and OP100* OPTX neon?

How do your products light up or get power? What is a two-wire hookup?

I'd like to install neon lights (or other StreetGlow products) on my car, but I don't know if they're legal in my area. What should I do?

I lost my installation instructions, are they available on the web site?

I am hesitant to install your products on my vehicle, what would you suggest?

I cannot find replacement parts for my older undercar kit/products on the online store, What can I do?

How do the Neon or L.E.D. products sync with the music?

Can you recommend any installers in my area?

Do you ship outside the US?

How do I determine which headlight bulbs will fit my vehicle?

Do I really need the performance harnesses for my Xenon bulbs?

Do you offer a remote for your OP100* OPTX undercar kit?

Can I add additional tubes to my SG201* Gold Series undercar kit?

Do you accept PayPal for online orders?

Will StreetGlow sponsor my vehicle?

I did not find my question answered here, what can I do?

How long will my online order take to be shipped to me?


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